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Tekniverse: An online community that connects signals, data, and people.

Tekniverse provides a gateway for students to program and trigger actions across devices, making an end-to-end IoT experience possible in the classroom. The intuitive and affordable platform fosters career readiness and STEM self-efficacy. It also facilitates hands-on, self-directed learning, critical thinking, technology literacy, and collaboration for K-12 students (credit

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Tekniverse IoT Learning Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming remote work and education through real-time data monitoring and remote control. IoT connects physical, digital, and biological technologies to convert information into actions, bridging the virtual and physical worlds.


Tekniverse has increased teacher and student engagement through collaborative projects that raise social awareness and address real-world issues. Educators, for example, used Tekniverse tools to measure temperature and wind speed, and students applied their scientific knowledge to their local environment and developed community resilience action plans.

In the future, Tekniverse will continue to expand the platform's capabilities to serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, providing students with a platform on which to create custom data visualizations and connect with their peers.

Tekniverse Founder: Sibel Deren Guler

Graphic Design by Kelly Huang


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