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National Art Education Association

NAEA is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the knowledge and exposure of underrepresented populations to art through visual arts education (credit


NAEA Student Chapter

NAEA organizes academic workshops, community arts, and events at Teachers College to promote equity and diversity within the Columbia University community and beyond. Our goal is to engage individuals through art-making and to inspire people to see the world in new ways. We enhance our voice through visual art and curriculum development, as well as through creative technologies.  NAEA provides networking opportunities for artists and educators from around the world with diverse cultural experiences. 

President of NAEA Student Chapter: Kelly Huang

Vice President of Curriculum Design: Ligel Lambert

Vice President of Public Relations: Sara Gershon


Graduate Student Life & Development:

Fanny He

Amelia Jones

Art & Art Education Program:

Anna Urrea

Samantha Clay-Reagan


Dialogue Between The Renaissance And Contemporary Art:

Professor, John Zinsser

Professor, Dr. Jun Gao

Writing Conference Proposals Workshop:

Professor, Dr. Ami Kantawala

Human~Nature Entanglements:

Dr. Isabel Correa

Exploring Earthenware Clay:

Professor, Aimee Ehrman

Commemorative Graduation Gifts Workshop:

Professor, AutumnLin Kietponglert

Professor, John You

Courtney Treglia

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