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Golden Pebble Beach Art Museum

Golden Pebble Beach Art Museum, also known as Gloria Art Museum, is located in Dalian Golden Pebble Beach neighborhood, designated as one of the AAAAA Scenic Areas in China.

The Museum

Golden Pebble Beach Art Museum is a modern and contemporary art venue with a complimentary bar, conference hall, and media rooms. It is supported by the local government and is funded by Golden Pebble Winery Resort and Greentown China Holdings Limited. By delivering an infinite and extraordinary art experience, the museum has brought a sense of vitality to Dalian Golden Pebble Beach and turned the city into a warm and inviting place to admire natural wonders and cultural treasures.


The mission of Golden Pebble Beach Art Museum is to explore the world through art with diverse communities and to inspire fellow artists. The museum seeks to engage the public through artistic innovations, educational programs, exhibitions, and theatrical performances.

The board is comprised of 11 artists and professors. There are also 110 fellow artists from China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Graphic Design & Museum Branding Experience by Kelly Huang

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