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ARTmobile is a residency program for artists that engages Brooklyn Public Library communities in collaborative art projects focused on cultural identity, reflective dialogue, and mentorship.

Video Courtesy of Ayelet Danielle Aldouby

Taste The Rainbow

Painting can be made from common household materials. This playful, experimental approach to the creative arts integrates science, family traditions, and personal expression.

This station is led by artist Kelly Huang

ARTmobile at Sunset Park

A pop-up community arts resource center, civic innovation hub, and maker space created in collaboration with Voices of Multiplicity, a Residency Unlimited initiative, Center of Family Life, and the Brooklyn Public Library. Our community partners have expressed the youth's desire to envision alternative career paths and to develop technical and creative skills that will allow them to achieve those dreams.

The four workshops in ARTmobile | Sunset Park branch temporary location provide entry points to the culinary arts, as well as creative media and production skills. Artists are guided to approach each engagement as a focus group. At the same time, an embedded researcher manages the collection of artifacts, feedback, and informal interviews that allow community input and feedback to inform future iterations of ARTmobile as a community-oriented creative resource center.   

Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) Team Lead:

Robert Weinstein

Voices of Multiplicity (VoM)  Founder and Lead Curator:

Ayelet Danielle Aldouby


Additional Team Members:

Voices of Multiplicity (VoM) Visiting Artists - Cohort II:

Kelly Huang

Andrea Orellana 

Niambi A. Murray 

Xavier Robles-Armas

Silvia Lucca

Strategic Partner: Jane Roman

Researcher: Dr. Sarah Gerth van den Berg


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