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Kelly Huang Art Studio



Material Exploration

Experiment with creative materials across disciplines

Enjoy The Process

Embrace the possibilities and difficulties that may occur

Trust Building

Develop trust in people and objects

What Do You Believe In

Make the world a better place as an artist

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Create a balance between conventional and digital art

Motherland by Kelly Huang

"I've been experimenting with unusual painting mediums, such as turmeric, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, to re-establish a sense of belonging to my motherland. Creating art with turmeric is like taking a trip to my home..."

This art work has been shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and is currently on display at the Teachers College, Columbia University Permanent Collection.

Art and Art Education

"She has become a unique influencer in the Columbia community, focusing on breaking down cultural and linguistic barriers through art events, increasing exposure of underrepresented groups to art, and promoting equity and diversity in education by lowering barriers to art practice..."


Please join us in congratulating Kelly Huang, who received the
Shirley Chisholm Trailblazer Award

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Columbia University Commencement 2022

"Mr. President, I ask you to grant the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Education, Master of Science, Doctor of Education, and Doctor of Philosophy to the enthusiastic, brilliant, sparkling, and qualified Teachers College candidates who have faced and overcome adversities throughout the pandemic to arrive at this moment. 


They are artists, educators, psychologists, health professionals, analysts and researchers who are tenacious, diligent, and aspiring individuals eager to add their value and vitality to society. They are committed to equity, diversity, and social justice in the fields of education, psychology and health, and I am confident in their ability to confront challenges and forge solutions to build a better world..."

"My statement today was written by TC art & art ed graduate Kelly Yukai Huang. Thank you, Kelly!" -- Thomas R. Bailey, President of Teachers College


Explore The Unknown

A continuous journey of discovery

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